What are thoughts? What are those ideas that ‘pop’ into our heads?

I believe these thoughts are the work of the Holy Spirit. I believe He is talking to us in the form of thoughts and ideas.

We always are told to listen to the Word of God. We can do it by reading the Bible, by listening to the priest’s sermons, by watching others, and I also believe we should listen to ourselves too.

We have the truth in our hearts and souls. We know what is right and wrong. We know how to treat our neighbors. We know how to pray to God. All these come from within. The Holy Spirit is always guiding us and it doesn’t have to be in a ‘big’ fashion.  When you see someone struggling with a package to put in their car you almost instinctively help them. That is the Holy Spirit telling us what to do. When we are compassionate to someone who is suffering, that is us listening to the Holy Spirit.

Try it for yourself – pay attention to your thoughts and you will see that you are listening to the voice of God through the Holy Spirit. Just knowing this helps us to love and pray to God more.

God’s Blessings….let me know your thoughts.

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