What are thoughts? What are those ideas that ‘pop’ into our heads?

I believe these thoughts are the work of the Holy Spirit. I believe He is talking to us in the form of thoughts and ideas.

We always are told to listen to the Word of God. We can do it by reading the Bible, by listening to the priest’s sermons, by watching others, and I also believe we should listen to ourselves too.

We have the truth in our hearts and souls. We know what is right and wrong. We know how to treat our neighbors. We know how to pray to God. All these come from within. The Holy Spirit is always guiding us and it doesn’t have to be in a ‘big’ fashion.  When you see someone struggling with a package to put in their car you almost instinctively help them. That is the Holy Spirit telling us what to do. When we are compassionate to someone who is suffering, that is us listening to the Holy Spirit.

Try it for yourself – pay attention to your thoughts and you will see that you are listening to the voice of God through the Holy Spirit. Just knowing this helps us to love and pray to God more.

God’s Blessings….let me know your thoughts.


Thanking God for my father. He was a wonderful teacher to me. He taught me the value of a good strong Catholic faith.

He taught me – by his actions – how to love your neighbor.

He taught me – by his prayers – how to love God with my whole heart.

I miss him dearly but he also taught me to BELIEVE that he is with me always.

I know he is in Heaven and is caring for me.

I love you Daddy. Happy Father’s Day.

God’s Blessings on you.

Share your thoughts!


St. Jude was a close friend of Jesus! How lucky for St. Jude to be on earth when Jesus was here. As with any friend when you like them a lot you give them your trust and your love. Jesus so loved St. Jude that Jesus listens especially to those who pray to St. Jude – kind of like a favor He owes to Jude!

I have had many positive results from praying the Novena to St. Jude. I want to share it with you here. If you are having a difficult time with ANYTHING say this prayer once a day and insert your request. It will work. REMEMBER, you MUST believe and trust that St. Jude will speak to Jesus on your behalf!

God’s Blessings on you. Let me know your thoughts!

Novena to St. Jude:

Most holy apostle, St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the Church honors and invokes you universally, as the patron of hopeless cases, of things almost despaired of. Pray for me, I am so helpless and alone. Make use I implore you, of that particular privilege given to you, to bring visible and speedy help where help is almost despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consolation and help of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, particularly (here make your request) and that I may praise God with you and all the elect forever.  I promise, O blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, to always honor you as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to you. Amen.


A very dear person – who played a big role in my past – died this week.

I am so very sad that I was not too involved with her over the past few years.

I know she is are already with God in Heaven as she was a wonderful person  with extraordinary faith and lived a very selfless life.

Her passing has lead me on a path of melancholia – sad that I don’t have those contacts anymore. Hoping I have not offended or hurt anyone in the past.

I will continue to keep her and all those in my past in my daily thoughts and prayers.

I ask God to keep her close to Him in Heaven. I pray for her family still remaining on Earth that they will know that she is still taking care of them.

I ask forgiveness from all those I may have shunned, hurt or avoided.

I will continue to pray. Prayers and faith will cure me of my melancholia.

God’s Blessings on us all.

Feel free to share your thoughts.





I hear the birds chirping – it is very early. THEY are never forgotten by GOD.

They always have food and shelter. They don’t worry about those needs.

An early morning lesson to be learned. If God takes care of these little creatures so wonderfully then we MUST be reminded how much He cares for us. He will always take care of our needs. We must try to eliminate needless worry in our lives.

Listen to the early morning chirping of the birds – they are here to remind us!

God’s Blessings!

Post your thoughts!




Happy Mother’s Day – Happy Mary’s Day

The only person on this earth one can ever really trust is their Mom. She has an uncanny unconditional love for her children. Her children can do no wrong. She is always there to support, hold, care and direct her beloved children.

She thrives on her children needing her. She is most alive when she hears her child/children say “Mommy”.

God has blessed us all with wonderful Mothers. We honor them this weekend.

He also gave us the Most Beloved Mother of all – MARY.

We honor Mary this month. She thrives on us needing her. Pray to Mary Our Mother. She loves us all.

God’s Blessings on you.

Feel free to share your thoughts.


Today is a dreary, cloudy and chilly day for MAY!

It is the month of Mary so that gives me comfort.

Mary is Our Mother. While hanging in agony from the cross, Jesus tells us – Behold Your Mother.

She is always ready to listen to our prayers. Talk to her often.

Feel free to enter whatever moves you – today, tomorrow, or any time!

God’s Blessings on You!






Let’s try something….Post things about the Catholic Church that bother you, things you like about it, or just general comments. Sometimes the things you are thinking are thought my many others!

How do you feel about the parish you are in?

I love my church….I have a problem with the same group of people always running the show. They don’t let anyone else in. The Church should be for strings or allegiances attached!

Let me know your thoughts!

God’s Blessings on you.

The Present

The old saying – there is no time like the present – is very true.

ALL that is important is NOW – As I am typing this – as you are reading this – that is all we have – not yesterday, not 3 hours from now, not tomorrow – just NOW.

I try to always keep God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in my NOW.

God Bless you all.

Let me know your thoughts.



God rested on Sunday. We should too. This should be the day where we come together – physically, virtually, mentally/spiritually- to take time to reflect, think, and relax.

Time passes by too quickly. God gave us this day to remember and contemplate.

It is very hard to think clearly about our spiritual lives with the day to day worries, schedules, events, and whatever takes those minutes away from us.

Try to set aside some part of Sunday to reflect, pray and adore God!

God’s Blessing on all of you.

Share your thoughts when you have some minutes – maybe on a Sunday!